stage 12 part 5 It takes time to reach the levels we want to reach

e. It takes time to reach the levels we want to reach

Some of us have so many areas that we need to make progress with that it actually seems impossible to make the kind of progress that we feel that we should be making. There is a limit as to how much we can deal with at any one time. In that situation, it is important to prioritise the things that we should be working on.

Sometimes an idea is planted as a seed and like a seed, it needs to grow and develop. Remember a seed is very small and it takes time to change from being something that is so small into a large plant or even tree. Great oaks grow from little acorns but it takes decades rather than months to grow to a full size tree.

Some people aim to become financially free i.e. be able to live the lifestyle that that want to do without having to work or relying on anyone else for money. This is something that takes time to achieve. There are other large goals that people aim to reach. Sometimes once you have started to make some progress the situation moves onwards like a snowball gathering momentum as you go forwards. Some situations are like the ever doubling grain on the chessboard. It does not seem much to ask for one grain on the first grain to be doubled on the next square which is doubled on the next square and the next until all the squares have been covered. Yet when you work out the sums in practise it amounts to a huge amount of grain. Other times progress is slower and more steady as you keep on taking the same size steps. Whether the steps increase or stay the same it still takes time to take sufficient steps to achieve all that we want to achieve.

Time is an important element in all that we achieve. If we want to achieve small goals then we can afford to think in small time periods. If we want to achieve large goals then we need to think about how they will be fulfilled over long time periods. If you were preparing to run a marathon and you had hardly done any running beforehand you would set aside some time to train and build up your ability to achieve that goal. Achieving any large goal is the same you need to set aside a long enough time in order to prepare to achieve it.

Those who do not have a lot tend to think on a day to day basis. For example, someone who does not have a lot of money may buy small amounts of a product because they can only afford small amounts, so will only buy enough for that day. Someone who more money will be able to buy a larger amount and will base their decision on how much to buy on the unit cost. The person who is able to buy the product based on the unit cost i.e. which amount is the best value will, in the long run, be able to make their money do more. They may buy enough of some products to last them for weeks or months at a time because that way, they get most product for their money. The money they have gives them the ability to think in the longer term and therefore make their money do more.

Remember earlier we mentioned the marshmallow experiment that suggests that those who are able to cope with delayed gratification are better placed to achieve more. If you expect to get a quick result then you will do a year long course to train for a job. If you are willing to train for a number of years then you will be able to prepare for a more demanding role such as a solicitor or doctor. It takes time to prepare for a more demanding role or to achieve a greater result in another sense. Some of the goals that we set ourselves can only be achieved if we are willing to spend years sometimes many years preparing for that role.

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