stage 12 part 4 It takes time to gain the necessary knowledge

d. It takes time to gain the necessary knowledge

Knowledge is something that builds up one element at a time. Educationalists talk about constructionist theory. The idea being that as we learn we construct a framework for our knowledge. As we go on, we pick up new ideas which modifies or adds to the ideas that we learnt previously. Our bodies have a framework or skeleton on top of that come the muscles and tendons and finally the skin. Each muscle or tendon adds to the shape of the skeleton to create the shape of a hand etc.

Building up knowledge like this takes time. Sometimes we can take short-cuts by learning from others what has worked for them. Some ideas are worth copying or repeating others are not. People recommend books and other learning materials. Then of course new learning materials and new ways of learning are constantly being developed.

Another aspect of taking time to gain knowledge is developing the habit of spending time on a regular basis to read books that develop the level of knowledge that we need to help us achieve our aims. Some would recommend reading a minimum of one book a week to help develop the knowledge you need to achieve your aims. Others would say rather than listening to musical entertainment on your mp3 player you should be listening to mp3 files that help develop your knowledge. This might sound an expensive way of life but remember that you get more when you listen or watch or read something again. Remember you will have added other ideas to your knowledge framework since the last time that you read that book so you may well see something in a slightly different light than what you did last time you read it.

Spending so much time gathering knowledge would be difficult if you were not using materials that inspired you or interested you or that you could access easily. Some people will find materials in one format easier to access than another. It is easier to listen to an mp3 file while driving than read a book. A deaf person would find it easier to access a video with captions or where they can lip read the speaker than they would an audio file. There are many different authors with different styles and approaches who write on various topics. Some will suit you more than others.

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