stage 12 part 2 It takes time to grow into what the future holds for us

b. It takes time to grow into what the future holds for us

Have you ever thought about why it is important to take time to develop ourselves as we move forwards?  One reason is that part of the process of moving towards our goals is that we grow the skills that we need to handle the success that we achieve. Think of the people who come into money quickly either through inheritance or by winning the lottery who struggle to cope with their new situation. If they had spent time developing the skills required to handle money wisely then they would have been able to deal with the problems that suddenly acquiring money would bring.

It is very difficult to handle overnight success in any field. The journey to success gives us time to grow into the new situation so that we can handle the changes that it brings. It is the gestation time for a project or activity that gives us a chance to get used to the idea and to prepare for the new situation as we develop our ability to deal with it. We need to make the best use of these transition times so that we develop the skills, abilities and experience that we need to make the best use of the changed circumstances ahead. If we do not then we are at risk of coming back down again with a crash bang and wallop that leaves ourselves and those around us in difficulties.

One of the reasons why it can be a good idea to make slow and steady progress is that it gives us time to grow into a new situation. When someone is aiming to lose weight they are often encouraged to eat a more healthy diet overall so that they become familiar with an eating plan that they can continue with even when they have reached their desired weight.

Often people who start a new job or occupation are allowed to take up the responsibilities of the role stage by stage. They are allowed to do one thing and as soon as they have mastered that, something else is added to the list of tasks that they are expected to do. Life can be like that we need to master one task and then we will be better able to master the next. It is as if once we have learned to master money and use it wisely we will be given the opportunity to gain more.

We should not allow ourselves to become frightened by the size of a goal. Remember as we grow the level of challenge we can face increases. To someone who has just learnt the alphabet reading a simple book will seem a very difficult challenge. Once they have gained the ability to read a simple book they will be able to work towards a larger challenge such as reading a long and complicated novel. Once our ability increases what seems a huge challenge becomes something of little consequence. We might struggle to believe it at times but problems are often good for us because they help us grow and develop. The larger the problem we can face and successfully overcome the more capable we will become. The more capable we become the greater level the level of success we can reach.

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