stage 12 stage 6 It takes time to achieve all the different things that we want to achieve

f. It takes time to achieve all the different things that we want to achieve

Sometimes we can find that we have different goals for different seasons of our lives. For example, someone may find that the spring season of their life involves working for other people gaining experience and the summer season of their life uses that experience to develop a business. The autumn season may include teaching others how to succeed or being involved in charitable activities, things that they could only do because they had achieved what they had done in the previous seasons of their life.

Other times we can have a series of projects or goals ongoing at the same time that are designed to work together. This means that we need to know what the big picture is as well as being able to focus in on the smaller parts. It is not easy to pull together a plan like this. However, it is possible because this is what very successful people aim to do.

It is a good idea to have a series of goals that stretch out into the future. Sometimes we need to set up a series of short term goals that will help us prepare for a long term goal. For example, someone training to become a doctor first needs to study the right subjects and get the right grades while at school. Then they will be able to enter medical school. Once in medical school they will have to pass a series of examinations and practical assessments. Each one is a stepping stone to the next. If they are intending to become a specialist or consultant this training will continue as they take on increasingly more senior posts and gain more experience until such time that they achieve their goal. It may take the best part of 20 years to reach that goal.

The further into the future we can stretch our thinking the more that we will be able to achieve. Some of the people who have achieved most have set out life plans. The idea is to set out goals that are 5, 10, 25 even 50 or more years ahead. Knowing what they want to achieve helps them plot out a route to achieve those goals. It helps them weigh up all the opportunities that come their way to see if these are things that will help them reach their goals so are worth pursuing or not. It helps them seek out ways of reaching those goals. It means that when doors of opportunity open they are prepared and able to take advantage of them. If you do not know what your goals are how will you know were you are going or know if you have got where you want to go.

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