stage 10 part 3 our legacy

e. What legacy do we want to leave for others?

Alfred Noble saw an obituary that someone prepared for him that described his main achievement as developing dynamite. He decided then that he wanted to be known for something more possible and out that came the concept of the Noble Peace Prize. It is said that the place where we can find the most dreams and ideas is the graveyard. This is because so many people who wanted to write a book or develop a business idea have taken their dream or idea to the grave with them.

It is often a useful exercise to write our own obituary out twice. One would be written from the viewpoint of what we have achieved at this moment in time. The other would be written from the point of view of having all that we wanted to achieve at some point in the future say 10 years tine. The idea is that we write the story about what achievements we would be remembered for. It is a way of putting down on paper all the things that we would like to be able to do. Doing this helps to crystallise the goals and targets that we should be setting for ourselves. Writing our own obituary gives us an opportunity to write down the final end point that we would like to reach. This therefore will help us develop our plans in order to get there.

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