stage 10 part 2 our differences

c. We are all different

Remember it is essential to remember that the way we see things makes a big difference to our lives. Some look at a problem and think that they cannot do anything about so have to learn to live with it. Others look at a problem and see an opportunity to improve the situation. Some even set up a new business or develop a new product once they see the opportunity to make improvements. As well as opportunity, they may see potential in certain people or things or that needs that need to be met. We need to remember that we are all supposed to be different and that it is not wrong to be the person we are designed to be.

The way we use resources may differ. Some will want to spend a lot of money and have everything just right. Others will be willing to use cheaper sources and make what money they have stretch further. Some might feel like the perpetual victim while others believe that they are playing the game and succeeding. Others will endure life rather than enjoy it. Challenges can be seen as unmanageable and overwhelming or something that can be managed or overcome. Even the way people see the future can vary from being dreaded to being confident about it.

Some of us find it easier to read than others. Some of us find it easier to operate a new piece of technology than others. Some of us take in ideas easier if they are presented to us in the form of pictures others prefer things that they can read. There are so many differences in terms of what we are able to do and what we enjoy doing that no two people are alike. The thing about differences is that we can believe that if someone is not like us has a problem for no good reason other than they are different. Or equally as bad, think that we are not capable ourselves.

d. Our experiences differ

With all these different variations of how it is possible to see the world we need to make sure that we are moving in the right world. The thing that could be stopping us make progress is that we are not seeing the world in the way that we need to do in order to succeed.

Part of my personal story is that I wanted to achieve a particular goal but I thought that in order to do this certain things had to happen. I had sought advice on how to reach that goal and was told that I could not make progress towards it unless I had the support of the rest of my household and this was not forthcoming. Unfortunately, the household situation got worse instead of better. It was like being in one of those rooms where the walls are moving together and the person in the room realised that they cannot survive for very long. The only obvious way out was not on the agenda because it seemed to make it impossible to move towards the goal I had. I was trapped. I could not stop the walls from moving in and eventually squashing me and in fact, they were already so close that I could hardly breathe. It was then that I screamed at God that I was stuck and that I needed to get unstuck so I could serve him better. That was the catalyst for a series of events that changed my situation in ways that I could never imagine. I was able to get out of that tight squeeze but the only way involved doing the very thing that I had thought would make it impossible for me to achieve my goal. Those closest to me had been trying to encourage me to take that option for many years but I had ignored their advice. My reality was such that I expected another way out to appear because the one that I eventually did take was unacceptable. It was not until I decided that I needed to escape and it did not matter how this happened that I was eventually able to escape. If my reality had stayed the same my situation would have stayed the same.

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