stage 07 part 5 Importance of declarations or proclamations

e. Importance of declarations or proclamations

One way of changing our thinking is to use declarations or proclamations. The idea is that we find a positive statement that we can declare or proclaim is true about ourselves. There is a treasury of such statements in the Bible, for example “I am wonderfully and fearfully made”. Another useful declaration for history makers is 2 Timothy 1:7 “For God did not give us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of self-control”. One of the things that stops us is fear, fear of man, fear of failing, fear of hurting our children etc. etc. We wonder if we have the power or strength to do things. We wonder if our desire to meet the needs of others is enough to face the challenge of the situation. We wonder if we have enough self-control to enable us to do the things that we should whatever the circumstances. All of these things are countered in this declaration of what God has given to us.

The issue then becomes finding the proclamation that suits us. There is a treasure trove of such proclamations in the Bible. It is not the only source. If we recognise an issue, we can, possibly with the help of others, come up with a statement that counters this. T Harv Eker includes a series of proclamations for those who want to change their thinking in relation to becoming wealthy in his book Secrets of the Millionaire Mind. Other wise the answer is consider making a statement that opposes or counters the idea that we want to change. For example if someone believes that their work is not good enough their proclamation might be “I put a great deal of thought and creativity into my work.” Or if they struggle to believe others will see the value in their work the proclamations could be “My prices reflect the quality of my ideas and my craftsmanship.” Or “I deserve what I’m asking for this item.”

Every time we catch ourselves thinking the negative thought we then need to stop think and replace it with the positive one. In the One Minute Millionaire they make the suggestion that you should start wearing an elastic band around your wrist. The idea being that every time you catch yourself thinking a negative thought you pluck or twang the elastic, the idea being to cause yourself a little pain to remind you to change your thinking.

There are other ways of using these statements. We can have them set up on our screen saver or as the background wallpaper for the desktop on our computer. We can have them made into pictures to put up on the wall so that when we look up from our desk we can see them. We can write out a note and stick it to the mirror so that when we check ourselves before we go out we can see it or the fridge door or anywhere else that we would see it regularly. We can make a point of speaking such declarations on a regular basis, especially before we face circumstances where we need the benefit of them. In other words, if we are about to do something where we could easily limit ourselves then we should read the relevant declarations beforehand. The aim is to remind ourselves of these statements and reinforce the power of the words that we are saying or reading so that they replace any negative thought patterns. Of course, this only works if we make a definite decision to believe that these positive statements are true about us.

This way of renewing our mind can replace the fear doubt and disbelief that is stopping us achieve the goals that we are destined to achieve. It is impossible to achieve something if we think we can’t. If we are to achieve anything then we need to believe that we can.

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