stage 07 part 4 Avoid resentment

d. Avoid resentment

If we feel bitterness, ill-will or anger towards someone or a particular type of person how can we want to be like them and still want to consider ourselves a good person. If we believe that they are the sort of bad people who have done things that have led to our problems then we will develop a negative attitude towards them. This is why people who appear to have things of value become victims of those who want to spoil them or take them away. It can lead to children being bullied at school because they have a different accent or are doing well academically. This kind of attitude does not do us any good in terms of our health. Anger and bitterness can lead to a number of mental and physical health problems.

The answer to this is to change our attitude. Just because someone is doing well does not mean that they are taking something from us. People who create wealth can use that wealth to help their community by giving it to charities or by spending it in local shops or even by putting it in the bank so that the banks can lend it to others. Money goes round from one person to another and the more often it moves from one person to another, the greater what economist call the money supply is. If money is not moved around from one person or organisation to another then it does not increase the money supply. It does not matter if you are rich or poor if you have money sitting in a money box or sitting in an envelope ready to pay a bill it is not playing its part increasing the money supply.

There is only one person that we can change and that is ourselves. If we change our response to a situation then we are doing all that we can to change the situation. Sometimes it is important to consider the background of why we respond in this situation. For example, some people have been so afraid of the problems caused by greed that they decide that the best option is to give away all their money because that way money cannot control them. Problem is that it does not always work that way as people without money can also be controlled by money as seen when they resent those with money. Used wisely money can achieve a lot of good things.

Contrary to the idea that those with money are often dishonest, they are more likely to be trustworthy as other people have trusted them to help provide goods and services. In order to achieve they will need to have been hard-working, energetic, good with people, a competent communicator, reliable and have some kind of practical skill. If we recognised those characteristics and tried to emulate them, we would have a better chance of finding ourselves in the same positive situation. Not only that if we aimed to bless them and do good to them, then we would benefit from the rebound effect. It is our choice what attitudes we develop and practise.

Here money is used as an example of something that causes a reaction in people because it is something that we can all relate to. Similar control mechanisms can exist in relation to other things such as food. We can walk into a shop and see food on the shelves (especially food that feeds an addiction to flour or sugar) and it screams “buy me” and we struggle to resist the temptation to buy it. Often we need to change our thinking before our behaviour changes.


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