stage 07 part 3 Learn to handle change

c. Learn to handle change

Unless we are prepared to change we cannot grow. We need to grow into new roles and new positions as we move towards new goals. Problem is many people find change frightening. It takes them out of familiar territory and they struggle to cope with the new situation. They need the security of the old ways and the old circumstances because they are insecure in other ways.

Other people see change as providing them with opportunities to expand and grow. They have an inner security that means that they are able to cope with change. There is a saying that there is no such thing as inappropriate weather only people who are inappropriately prepared for the weather that they have to go out into. People who cope best with change are those that are best prepared for it. They are the ones who have read the books or developed the ideas that are needed to thrive in the new situation. The weather may change but they have made the preparations that are needed in order to cope with the change.

Change provides opportunities for those who can see them and take advantage of them. A simple example of this is on a rainy weekend you may find many packets of burgers on the reduced shelf. The weather meant that certain foods were not sold as quickly making it possible to pick up a bargain. The meat can then be put it in the freezer until next weekend when it is sunny enough for you to have a barbecue. One person’s disaster is another’s opportunity. Scale this idea up to selling off buildings and companies and you will see why so many millionaires were created during the depression of the 1930s. Those who had the ability to do so could buy assets from those who were struggling at reduced prices and then use those assets to improve their own financial position.

Our reaction to change can teach us something about ourselves. It brings to the surface things that we once hid within ourselves. Once fear anger or whatever comes to the surface we can deal with it. If we don’t, these things will prevent us from seeing the opportunities that have arisen as a result of the change. If we are willing to learn and grow into the new circumstances then we can take advantage of them. On the other hand, if we think that we already know everything that we need to know then we will not be able to grow into the new circumstances.

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