stage 06 part 5 Facing discomfort or inconvenience

e. Facing discomfort or inconvenience

Sometimes going working towards blossoming can mean facing discomfort or inconvenience. This could mean leaving home at 5 am to catch a train to London so that you can arrive at a meeting for 9 am. It could mean staying overnight so that you do not have to drive back home at after 11 pm the same night. This costs money but when we look around there are often ways and means of reducing the costs of travelling such as buying advance tickets. However, it does mean facing things that are not easy. If we are not willing to face things that are difficult for some reason then we will not be successful. The only answer to this is to stop, think about how the issue can be overcome and then make the decision to do what we should be doing.

The only way that we can grow and expand into all we could be is to make deliberate decisions to go past the limitations that prevent us venturing into areas that cause us discomfort and inconvenience. Being comfortable may mean that we are warm and cosy. It is like being staying in the house on a snowy day. We don’t venture out into the cold but then after some time we may run out of something and need to go out for essential supplies like milk or bread. At that point, a special effort is made because of the urgency of the need. If we are going to achieve our goals we have to recognise the urgency of the need to go beyond the boundaries of the area where we are warm and comfortable. If we don’t go past the boundaries of comfort, we will deny ourselves the opportunity to reach our goals.

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