stage 06 part 4 Be persistent

d. Be persistent

Another behaviour that it is necessary to develop is persistence. Often the only way to get over some barriers is to try and try and try again. We said earlier that one of the reasons why some of us do not succeed is that we are knocked down one more time than we get up. It takes courage and persistence to keep on getting up and trying to overcome the same barrier or even a series of barriers. Being persistent is easier if we know what we are aiming for and why. Sticking to the plans we have made is easier if they are based on accurate knowledge as well as being realistic and practical. It also helps to avoid those who discourage us and associate with those who will encourage us.

It is also necessary to make a consistent effort and to be diligent. We cannot succeed without putting in some effort. It is not just practising so that we get it right but learning and developing in other ways. It is doing the preparation that is necessary to complete a task. It is setting out a plan that will enable us to achieve what we want to achieve in the time available. It is the discipline that is necessary to follow the plan.

Successful people are persistent. Their success is the result of continuing to make an effort to make progress in some way or other. Unsuccessful people look at a problem and think that it cannot be overcome. When people do think that something cannot be overcome they will not look for the solution. They do not realise that if they fail once that they should work out why and then try again. When they know why they gained those kinds of results, they can put mechanisms in place to repeat the good things and avoid the bad things.

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