stage 06 part 3 Is it an obstacle or an opportunity?

c. Is it an obstacle or an opportunity?

Two different people can be told about the same situation. One will see it in a negative way and the other will see it in a positive way. One will see a stop sign and not go any further. The other will see a give way sign and carry out some research and then carry on. The one who carries on will receive a reward that the person who stopped could not.

In fact, some people seem to have a pessimistic attitude. They wonder what will happen when it does not work. They are not even willing to try it and see if it will work. If they do claim to be preparing to go forwards, they are actually doing so much research because they are scared of making a mistake. Some call this analysis paralysis. The result of so much research is that opportunities are lost and their negative attitude is reinforced. If this continues, how can they succeed?

On the other hand, some people recognise that they cannot let the fear of making a mistake control them. They are willing to have a go to try something out once they have carried out a certain amount of research to see if they could actually benefit from that action. If something goes wrong they deal with it. Yes, it takes more than making an educated guess for something to be really successful. Some would call it divine revelation about what would be a good thing to do and others would call it good luck. However, whatever it is no one can be successful without taking action when presented with an opportunity to do well.

What is the best strategy to deal with the situation?  Firstly, get ready to do something as quickly as possible. Secondly, take action. Thirdly, correct the course along the way. This is because human beings cannot work out everything that might happen in the future and therefore it is not possible to prepare for everything that might happen. However, we can do some things. If we want to know if people are moving into an area, we do some research amongst removers. If we want to know what it would be like running a particular business or working in a particular profession we can seek out some form of work experience that will help us assess the situation better. In fact, if we are seeking a bank loan or looking for people to invest money in a project or business then we will need to present evidence of some kind of research being carried out before they will back you. However, it is essential to take some action, as it is the only way to succeed.

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