stage 05 part 4 Power enables us to overcome obstacles

d. Power enables us to overcome obstacles

Some of us like the idea of gaining the results but often find that the effort required to make these results happen is beyond us. Some struggle to forego a favourite TV show or some routine or minor event and give up on their long term dreams. If you are focused then you will not let anything stand in the way.

The reason why so few people achieve all that they are capable of doing is that the journey to success if strewn with obstacles. The journey to success is full of twists and detours. There are traps pitfalls, hassles headaches. Some just do not want to take on the responsibility of trying to overcome the obstacles that lie between them and success. Yet because they avoid problems they find themselves in one of the difficult situations we listed earlier were the results of stopping when we are not supposed to do. Often this is worse than the situation that would have arisen if they had not been stopped by that obstacle.

The reason why we can put in this kind of effort is that we have the desire to reach our goal. It might sound as if we are repeating ourselves but if the desire is strong enough a way will be found to overcome every obstacle that stops us reaching that goal. It is the desire to reach the goal that brings about the consistent effort to reach it. The desire helps us plot the route to the target. It brings the persistence necessary to continue taking a series of steps that lead us to our goal. A strong desire helps us stay focussed on the eventual goal no matter how long it takes us to get there.

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