stage 05 part 3 Power comes from making the most of what we have

c. Power comes from making the most of what we have

Do we really value what we have? It is easy to let other people devalue what we have. Those who feel incapable or insecure like to make themselves feel better by climbing on top of others. The problem is that those underneath can easily get crushed and stop valuing what they do have. We compare ourselves to others and think that they are better than us so we devalue ourselves.

Successful businesses achieve because they can persuade people of the value of their product. Their product will solve a problem remove the pain of a situation and therefore add value to their customer’s lives. Successful candidates for a job can persuade the interviewers that they will add value to the organisation. Their power, their success comes from making the most of what they have. Not only that they believe in improving themselves and the product that they offer until they are achieving the most that they can.

Many of us have resources available to us that we might not recognise as being important. What about someone who has been through a difficult situation?  There is a saying that it is only after we have walked in someone else’s shoes that we can know what an experience is like. For example, the lady who has been widowed knows more about how to comfort another lady who has recently been widowed than someone who has never had that experience.

If we cannot promote what we can offer, then other people will not value us. If they do not value us then they will not want to work with us and we will struggle to achieve. This is the problem that people who feel rejected have. They fall victim to the belief expectation cycle as they think they will be rejected so behave in such a way that they encourage others to reject them which only reinforces their problem. They believe that what they have to offer is not worthwhile therefore other people will not pay good money for what they can offer. If no one pays for their goods or services then the business will not survive.

There is a sense in which money is related to honour and respect. If we honour and respect a teacher then we will be willing to pay them well for their services. If we do not respect what we have to offer others then we will not ask people to pay very much for what we have to offer. People often have more respect for goods that they pay a high price for hence the difference in price between designer labels and own brands. A teacher who asks for a higher price may find that they have more students because they have more respect for the service on offer. In other words, it works both ways as if the teacher values what they offer then they will ask a higher price and because they ask a higher price the students will value the service that they receive.

Successful people commend their abilities and virtues to others rather than sitting back quietly. They learn how to package what they have to offer in such a way that it is attractive to others. They know that they are in a competitive world and need to stand out from the crowd if they are going to succeed.

A successful and rich person will be able to see the value in what they offer and as such, they will ask a higher price for their services. If the price they charge is higher and the cost of production is the same then the larger the profit will be and the richer they will become. There is therefore a link between the value we have for what we can offer people and the money that we can make from what we have to offer them. Someone who feels guilty about charging a price that will make them a reasonable profit will not become rich or successful. In fact, they could cause themselves a problem because others could see them as undercutting the market and therefore losing the respect of both customers and other traders.

A leader is someone who can persuade others to see the value in the vision that they have. If they can see the value in it, they will attract followers who are willing to move towards that vision with them. This is what it means to inspire and motivate people to follow them. The power to do this comes from having a belief in what they have to offer in terms of their product including their own ability. In fact, their belief is so unshakeable that they want to share it with anyone who comes their way and in any way they can.

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