stage 05 part 2 Power comes from knowing where we are going i.e. having goals

b. Power comes from knowing where we are going i.e. having goals

It helps having a picture board or list of things to help us visualise our target that you are aiming for. On the other hand, we can take that visualisation a step further and take a guided tour around the building that we want to develop. As we move round it we can use our senses to experience it. So we know what the carpet feels like, what the kitchen smells like, who is working there, greet those using the building as we move round it, unpack the new furniture and equipment etc. etc. All of this helps to stimulate the desire to keep going to overcome obstacles. It we see it, taste it, feel it, smell it and touch it stimulates our desire to see it happen. There are some that say that buildings inventions etc. are prepared in heaven ready for people to bring them into being on earth. If this is the case we can arrange a guided tour around that part of heaven. This will allow God to show us what He would like to see on earth and catch His vision so we become His partner in bringing that project to fruition. The more we can catch the vision the better able we are to play our part in making it happen.

The more that we are able to envision the project in action the better prepared we are to make it happen. If we spot something that would be useful later, we can make sure that we can access it when we need it. For example if we have a vision for a project using volunteers and we discover an online resource for good practise in relation to volunteers we can save the materials that we find there so that when we need them we will be able to refer back to them. We can find the knowledge that we need, make the contacts that we need etc. and keep on doing things that will make our project come to life.

Our goal may be have a deadline that seems a long way away. For example, if there is a report to that needs to be completed by deadline that is a few months away one of the best ways to make sure that it is done on time is to start with a timetable of events. It cannot be written without doing the research before hand so that has to be done first. If the writing was started without doing the research first or the research was not done thoroughly enough there could be problems. If the research was not started until the week before the report was required then it would be a struggle to complete the research in reasonable time to do the writing. It sounds like common sense to some and but it is something that some people have learnt the importance of the hard way.

Planning helps us make the best use of the resources that we have available. For example, people who take Open University courses are advised to use the fragments of time that they have available during the day to do bits and pieces of studying so that they can complete the course.

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