stage 03 part 2 Developing our plans

b. Developing our plans

There are at least three levels of plans that it is useful to create. The first is an overall life plan where we write down the all things that we want to be able to achieve during our lifetime. The second is the general plan where we detail the strategies that we are going to use to help us reach one of the things listed in the life plan. So we may have one general plan for finding a spouse, another for where we are going to live another for the business that we want to develop or the profession that we want to join. A general plan normally covers a much shorter period than a life plan say 5 or 10 years and looks at the strategies that we will use to achieve what we have written in the life plan. The third level is the day to day or month by month list of activities that we need to do to put that strategy into action.

Notice that these cascade down starting from the overall achievement then looking at the strategies before looking at the activities required. It was Benjamin Franklin who first popularised this form of planning. People wanted to know how he managed to achieve so much during his lifetime so used his writings to help them develop their own plans. We often think about planning like this being something that is used by those who manage businesses to make sure that the business is successful. Yet there is no reason why we should not prepare such plans for our own lives. It need not take long because often we will have the basic ideas in our heads. It often helps to firm up our ideas when we write them down. It is also useful to have something written down so that we can go back to it later and review our progress.

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