stage 01 part 2 Checking where the limitations are

b. Checking where the limitations are

There has to be a definite choice made to look for limitations and do something about them. One thing that is common is that other people can see our limitations better than we can do ourselves. Close friends and family will be able to give us a variety of ideas. Another approach is set a time aside and note down every negative comment that you make e.g. I couldn’t do that or they would not let me do that or someone like me couldn’t do that.

One day the leader of group I was in asked God to show people what the lenses were that they were wearing. The idea was to show us the thoughts and ideas that were causing members of the group to see things in an inappropriate manner. Doing something like this depends on trusting God to reveal things to you. Personally, my experience is that we can trust him to deal with us gently and kindly and only show us the things that we can cope with at that time. Yes, you could say that those are the lenses that I use to look at such situations.

It was having that expectation that made it easy for me, on another occasion, to say “God will you please show me what things I believe that do not agree with what you say I should believe”. For the next 24 hours I had a pad and pen by my side ready to jot down all the negative things that came to my mind. The list grew and grew there must have been 50 or more ideas. Some were slightly different ways of expressing the same limitation. It was quite a surprise when I realised just how many negative statements I had written down. I then grouped them into various categories and realised that somehow I needed to break free of them because even though not all of them were causing severe restrictions in their own right the combined effect of so many negative ways of thinking must have be causing me a problem.

Other suggestions for ways of discovering inaccurate or inappropriate limitations include:
•  Write down all the statements you heard about that area of your life when you were young. In other words, if you struggle with something then you need to revisit your memory bank in an attempt to work out why.
•  Consider the ways of being and habits each of your parents had around in relation to that area of your life. Write down how you may be identical or opposite to either of them.
•  Consider what influence any other significant adult such as grandparents or teachers have had on your attitudes towards any area of your life.
•  Consider a specific emotional incident you experienced that could have an effect on your life from that point on.

Dealing with things that stop us from blossoming such as dismantling limiting beliefs is an ongoing process. Don’t expect to be able to discover all of them in one go. Don’t be surprised if you after you feel that you have conquered soma that there are further layers beneath them. Each time some emerge and are dealt with the greater the freedom you will be able to enjoy.