No one who achieves great things can do so without working to improve their character along the way. There are some character traits that it is important to develop such as the ability to submit to authority and being a teachable person. People who make excuses or who have a pattern of failure are seen as liabilities in many organisations because they are often people who cannot learn from their mistakes. People who find it difficult to judge situations accurately are also a liability.

People who achieve great things often problem-solvers and people who go the extra mile in order to overcome difficulties. Other useful qualities include wisdom, knowledge and sound judgement. Things like favour, success and wealth do not come automatically they come because people have developed the character that draws these things to them. They have big dreams and believe that they will come to pass. They go into uncharted territory and are successful. However some like Bill Bartman believe that up to 95% of the ability to succeed comes from their ability to believe that they will be successful. It is this that gives them the necessary strength and drive.

Our intention is enable people to make the dream of changing the world around them come true. For some changing the world could include becoming a millionaire. The dream of changing the world cannot come true unless we first recognise and then remove the limitations that are stopping us from blossoming.

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