Some excuses

There are many reasons why we fail to blossom. This is because of the variety of underlying causes or explanations for our actions. Some people call them excuses i.e. justifications for not doing what we should have done or be doing. Remember the time when we gave the teacher what we thought was a good reason for not doing our homework and they turned round and said you are just making excuses. Sometimes we wondered if we needed to have been a patient in an intensive care unit for all the time since we were given that homework before they would accept that we had a good enough reason for not doing it. Well it might have been good enough if they or another teacher had visited us in hospital!

There are times when we need someone in our lives to behave like that teacher and challenge the reasons that we give for not doing things. A teacher only wants to bring the best out of the learners they are trying to help. They want to stretch learners and help them fulfil their potential.

We struggle and moan and complain because stretching can be painful. Without that process how can we move from being unremarkable pieces of stone to beautiful diamonds which are cut to show off their inner beauty?  Sadly, many of us are content with being plain unexceptional people because we cannot face the growth process involved in becoming exceptional people.

It is only exceptional people who make history or change the world. How is history going to change unless we play our part in making those changes?  How is the world around us going to improve for the better unless we are prepared to do something to help it change?  If the world around us is not the sort of world that we want to see then we are partly to blame. If there are no jobs for people then where are the people who are capable of building businesses to create them. Could it be our fault that there are not enough jobs in our community?  If people have other needs then could it be our fault that they are not being met?

Robert Kiyosaki says that the two biggest challenges most people face in terms of becoming successful in whatever field they are in are self-doubt and laziness. What if our success had a ripple effect?  Imagine what would happen if we each connected with one person and built them up so they could improve the lives of others who then connected with other people and changed their lives for the better and so on and so until a chain of ten people is created. The number of changed lives would be beyond our ability to count.

If we all took responsibility to do all that we can I wonder what the world would be like?  It would mean stopping giving excuses or providing reasons why we were not doing something. Here are some of the common reasons why people do not do not even try to change the world around them.

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