stage 09

Use and develop other resources

So far, we have decided that we are going to take action, what we are going to do, how we will handle the obstacles and have considered the importance of who we will associate with. Now we are going to look at what resources we have available to you. Another reason why it is important to develop our personal resources is that we need to be the best that we can so that we can become as valuable as possible to others. Once they see what value we can offer them, they will want to work with us. The people who are paid the most are those who are the most successful.

a. Creativity

This is the ability to come up with original ideas and solutions to the problems that we see around us. The most successful business people are those who solve the problems that other people have. We may also need to be creative to overcome the barriers that we believe are stopping us making progress.

In some circumstances, people would call this the ability to have hunches that lead them to solutions to problems. For others it comes from listening to the still small voice inside them that is encouraging them and helping them. Others literally have dreams in the night that give them clues about how to resolve problems.

One of the classic stories about this relates to how the sewing machine needle was invented. Apparently, it was seeing people using spears with holes at the pointed end that led to the realisation that sewing machine needles should have holes in the pointed end rather than the blunt end like hand sewing needles.

These creative moments need to be recorded. If we remember dreams we should keep a dream journal at the bedside. The easier this is to use e.g. pencil on hand the more likely we are to use them. Writers often carry notebooks to collect those snippets of information that they can later use in their writings. These days it could be recording notes on our phone’s voice recorder or using our phone to send an email to our home computer. Whatever method we use the important thing is to record the creative ideas that we have so that we can take advantage of them at a later date.

Most projects, including businesses and charities, start with someone having a creative idea. They recognise that there is something that needs to be done better than it is being done at the moment. This creative idea then becomes the seed of their project. However, when an idea is still a seed it is danger of being eaten. It needs to be carefully protected and enabled to grow. It is only once it starts growing it is possible to see whether it is beneficial or otherwise. Of course, if an idea is seen as beneficial then it needs to be encouraged to grow.

The problem with creative ideas is that they are just that creative. They involve creating something that is new. Someone else might have solved the same problem in a different way and succeeded. Others might not even have realised that there is a problem that would be solved if your idea was put into practise. Encouraging others to accept your creative ideas is not always easy simply because they are new and creative. This is where focus and persistence is important.

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