stage 06

Cultivate healthy behaviour

We have decided to take action, worked out what we are going to do how we are going to do it and seen how being focussed will give us the power to go forwards. Next stage is to look at our behaviour. If we simply dream about the things we want to achieve or wish that we had something or even whine that we do not have something Of course that would not apply to us at this would it as we have already decided to take action.

Those of us who are winners or achievers know that our future is determined by what we do today. Today is the only day that we can do something about. We need to do something about the future one day at a time. If we don’t do something about achieving what we want in the future today then we have lost that opportunity for ever. OK there is another chance to do something tomorrow but will tomorrow be any better. If you have not gone beyond a limitation today and one whatever it is today it will probably be even harder tomorrow.

a. Develop good habits

There are some habits that are helpful to us that we need to start doing. This could be habits of time management, taking exercise, avoiding foods that could harm us and many more. The only thing that you can do is to start doing them. We can read as many books listen to as many CDs etc. that we can find but the only way to change the situation is to actually do something to change the situation. The first step may well be to find out what the best thing is to do but then we have to do it or else we will not achieve anything.

If you do something then we can prove if it works or not. Once we have proved that it works then we will gain the confidence and assurance that we are developing a good habit. Once we know that something is good for us we are more likely to continue with that good habit.

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