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We now know what we want to change so we know where we are going. We also have plans in place so that we know the direction that need to travel in order to reach our intended destination. If we don’t know where we want to go or what we want to do we will wander aimlessly through life. Having a target provides a focus and passion. It helps strengthen our will and provide us with a purpose. It is knowing where we are going that makes the fatigue and frustration worthwhile. If we are getting tired we are more likely to give up.

a. Power comes from knowing what you want to achieve and why

Some of us think we know what we want but believe that the price we have to pay to achieve that end is too high. One way of dealing with this is to think about why we want to achieve a particular goal and the consequences of not achieving that goal. Sounds like a carrot and stick approach but the reality is that the passion we have to achieve something comes from both reaching for what we want and running away from what we fear.

It is a good idea to make two lists. One recording the reasons why we want to achieve our goal i.e. the good things that would result if we succeed. These would normally things that we would love to happen. The other listing the things what would happen if we did not succeed. These are normally things that we would hate to happen.

For example if our goal is to develop a project that provides after school care our list could start like this:


In addition to motivating ourselves, a list like this can also encourage others to work with us so that it is easier to make progress. It will also be helpful when we approach people to help us pay the bills as well.

It is those who dream of a better future who actually achieve it. It has been said elsewhere that it is what we want that restricts what we have. If we have a large target to aim for we will look for ways to reach that aim. If we don’t have a target to aim for how can we have a vision of where we will end up. Our target provides us with the motivation to actually achieve something. It expands our reality and it is only if we believe something can happen that we will make the effort to make to happen.

We find what we are looking for. If we are looking for a job, we may miss the business opportunity that is under our nose. We may just need an income but we miss the ways of making money that do not fit with our expectations. We can even stop looking when we think that we have found what we are looking for. However, the end results are dependent upon the question that we ask. If we ask the wrong questions then we will get the wrong answers. The better focused and more appropriate the question the better the answer is going to be. One question that tends to bring out the full potential in people is could we do whatever it is if our life depended. If we could do it if it didn’t then the likelihood is that they are not working to our full potential.

Our target reflects what we think. The more we express to ourselves and others what we believe i.e. what targets we expect to reach the more likely we are to achieve them. It also means that we are limited by the size of our target. The larger the target, the more that we will be able to achieve because we will not be restricted by it. Of course, our target could change over time but we cannot go past the target that we have at a particular time.

Once we know where we are going or what we want to get out of an exercise we can then decide how much we are able or willing to put into it. Motivation can come from external factors e.g. others push us to do it or from internal factors i.e. what we decide to do for ourselves. Some people are so used to being driven by external factors that they struggle to cope in an environment where they have to motivate themselves. However, internal motivation often comes from having a focus or passion the answer to developing internal motivation is finding a focus or passion.

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