stage 12

Give it time

This is the final stage of the process of overcoming the things that are preventing us from thriving and blossoming as we should.

a. Why does it take time?

It takes time to learn the skills required to carry out a task. It takes time to work out how to move towards a goal. We can know what we want to achieve but it can take time to understand how we are going to do it. Once we know what we need to do, we have to learn each of the different skill sets that are needed to achieve our goals. The set of skills different people need to achieve a goal varies. This is one reason why it is useful to set up situations so that we can learn from others. The problem is that when things take more time than we expect we give up. Some people give up simply because their patience runs out. Another way of saying this is that they lack persistence.

It takes time to make these kinds of changes but it is possible. They develop as we learn new skills. For example, someone whose expectation is to be rejected will take time to develop the skills that will help them build relationships that will help them feel accepted. They will have plenty of experience with relationships where they behave in such a way that others will reject them. It takes time to develop the behaviours that will encourage others to accept them. Sometimes they need a coach or mentor to help them make these changes. Others times the necessary changes can be made by other forms of learning such as courses, (including some of those in Lily the Pink’s Online Learning Place) books, CDs. DVDs, MP3 files etc.

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