Thinking ahead

Its that time of the year when we all seem to be thinking ahead  and looking back. Thinking ahead at what we are going to do in the new year and looking back at the old. In my case I am so thankful that one issue that could have been very serious turned out to be much easier that it might have been.

Pruning is tough

One of the things that I am not very good at is pruning. I am a hoarder of all sorts of things. Some of the old sewing projects in my bedroom go back 35 years or there about. The child they were for has grown a bit since then but the projects are carefully bagged and stored in drawers and boxes.

One of the hardest things for me is to look at a whole bush of what has become God’s Lily and prune it. You see what has happened over the space of quite some time is that there have been a number growth spurts. A shoot might grow in the form of writing something or of trying a new service for distributing what I have written. After a while for one reason or another I stop putting time and effort into growing that shoot and it stays there sticking out. Often that shoot does not do or achieve much.

Do that as many times as I have over the years and you get a very raggedly bush. Bits sticking out here there and everywhere and little overall shape to it. It has grown bigger but what purpose does that growth serve. Problem with all those bits is that they add weight and bulk to the bush but how many buds or flowers or fruit is the bush able to produce. If it does not produce what you what is the point of keeping the bush alive.

It starts with a review

That in itself is not easy. There are so many shoots to examine. Which of them are worth putting the effort into to let them grow. Which ones can be left to linger and die. Oh no that is typical just using the term linger and die triggered a memory that led to me going off track a bit. I thought it was a place name and a quick check online proved me right. Linger and Die was the name of a small group of houses that was not far from where I used to live. There has not been much physical evidence of it for a few decades but it lives in local memories.

See what I mean I have grown so many shoots from checking out good ideas that it is hard to work out what to do with them. They all seemed good ideas at the time and when I did not complete them I was left kicking myself for not doing what was necessary for a shoot to fully grow. I would start and then stop and the shoot would be stunted not complete enough to do make much of a contribution to the over all bush.

One of the first places to look for such a review are the old jobs to do lists that I have saved. A search for file names that include the words “jobs to do” brings up quite a number of files. What are all the things that I once thought were such a good idea that I added them to one of those lists? Have any of those tasks actually been completed? Are any of them now unnecessary because I do things differently now? Yikes pull that lot together and there is a very very long list of jobs to do. So long that there is no way that all of them will happen in the foreseeable future.

Somehow that very wild and raggedy bush needs pruning. Or at the very least some kind of plan drawn up so that only the best shoots receive any time and attention.

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