There is no such thing as one size fits all

One of the things that we can be tempted to do is to buy some kind of package deal. There are times when these work out well such as when we buy a holiday. This way we can buy the travel accommodation in one package. It works well if you choose your package carefully

The problem with buying packages off the shelf

Maybe the ultimate packaged deal is a one years supply of food. Yes there are people who buy enough food to feed them for a year in a job lot. It is their idea of being ready for whatever the future might turn out to be.

I  cannot imagine trusting the choice of what I would eat for a year to someone else but some people do just that. They want enough food at hand in case of an emergency so they buy a whole package of food at once.

You see it is a shortcut. It is the easy way of solving a problem. It is letting someone else say what is the right thing for you. You don’t have to think. You don’t have to make any choices. It is all done for you. It just arrives in boxes that you can put on side until you need them.

What happens when you open the box? Oops, there is loads of tinned fruit, but you cannot stand tinned fruit. Then there is that cardboard mush that passes for emergency rations. Now what?

If the emergency has already happened then there is nothing you can do to improve the situation. You cannot go out and buy more food. You are stuck with what you have and simply have no way to change the situation.

You have food but it is not the food that you like to eat. It becomes a challenge to find something that you feel comfortable eating. You may even find that something in the package actually makes you feel ill.

That is when it dawns on you that taking that shortcut was a huge mistake. If only you had thought about what was the best thing for you. Thought about what actually suited you. Worked out what you actually needed.

Use it or lose it

What is worse because you bought everything at once it is all as old as each other. If some things only have a shelf life of six months then because you bought them all at once then all your supplies will go out of date at once. If you had bought a few every so often then you would have some that lasted longer than others.

There is another problem. Because you think you have everything under control you put the answer on one side. Then when you need to open the box or use the answer that you found to your issue you may find that things have moved on and it is out of date. You see it is so easy to forget to check it on a regular basis.

You lose the opportunity to improve as you go

If you had rotated your stocks i.e used them and replaced them so when you had to depend on them you had something worth using. You would have been able to refine the system to suit you. You would have bought more of some things that you know you would use and less of other things. If you do not use the system you cannot improve it. You cannot see where the flaws are so do something about them.

In some ways having this kind of package or system imposed on you can cause as many problems as it solves. In other words because you depended on what someone else said was the answer you found that you spent your money on an answer that did not suit you. Now when you have to depend on their answer you are filled with regrets.

Some examples of these packages

This example of a food storage package makes so much sense to me because years ago I wrote a basic food storage course. It was based on what I learnt from the preparations I made for y2k. It is still there waiting for me to revise and set up with the software that I now use. Maybe one day I will find the time to do this.

Of course these ideas don’t just apply to food storage. There are many people who work out methods of how to do things and then package their ideas up as a system and sell people the instructions on how to use the system. Their buyers then have a ready made system that they can use in their business or community organisation.

In the world of online marketing this could be a system that makes your page more visible in You Tube or ideas on how best to advertise on Facebook. What happens is that You Tube changes the way they allow you to use images on your You Tube channel. Or Facebook changes the way that you set up an advert.

Whatever the system people buy it and then when they try to use it end up disappointed. It was supposed to work so well but it just did not work for them. The problem is that there is truly no one size fits all.

What stops one size fitting all?

There are so many variables. You and I are individuals with our own collection of strengths and weaknesses, our own personality and character, our own style and not forgetting our own preferences.

There are so many other variables that relate to our business or community organisation. The people who work within it make it unique as to the people we work with. There is the influence of culture, history and geography.

That is just what immediately springs to mind I suspect that I will think of more later. There are just so many variables that it can be difficult to even decide what categories that you and your organisation fall into.

On the other hand, if have ever tried to work out how you can fit into the categories used by others you will know that this is not always easy. What is worse if we find one that does fit reasonably well it could become a straight jacket. This is because if you are one of those people so you will do this like that or you will want to do this in that way. Even if we allocate people to one of 10 or more categories they will only sort of fit rather than fit comfortably.

It is time to celebrate our differences not try to fit into the same mould

There is something very special about accepting who we are and celebrating the fact taht we are who we are. Belive it or not it this gives us an inner strength. It stops us trying to be who we are not and making our businesses what they are not supposed to be.

We stop wasting time and treasure on trying to be what we are not. This makes it easier to be ourselves and be what we are supposed to be. If

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