Money or God

Money and faith are two really contentious issues in their own right but put them together and watch out. The reaction reminds me me of the problems of mixing toilet cleaners. If you had not heard there are two sorts of chemical reactions that are used by toilet cleaners. If you mix a toilet cleaner

Money Making Parlour

Looking for ideas about how to make money at home. This book takes the ideas found in a book about how to make money with a museum piece aka typewriter and updates them for the modern world. Some things just do not change even after 60 years. There are ideas in this book that have

The ant and the bible

Ever noticed that the bible is a profoundly practical book. One place in the bible were you can find all sorts of practical advice is the book of Proverbs, One of its suggestions is that we can learn a lot from animals. One of the animals it mentions is the ant. What does the bible