Money or God

Money and faith are two really contentious issues in their own right but put them together and watch out. The reaction reminds me me of the problems of mixing toilet cleaners. If you had not heard there are two sorts of chemical reactions that are used by toilet cleaners. If you mix a toilet cleaner

Financing Kingdom Work

Wondering how on earth you can survive financially and work in the community? This is something that I have pondered over for a few years now. I live in the UK and I am a member of a non-conformist chapel. I have been actively pursuing the idea of outreach ministry since 2009 and have learnt

What I learnt from a day out with my mum

Yesterday I had really lovely day. I went out shopping with my mum. that might not sound like much unless you know our history. I appreciate what so many others take for granted because for one reason or another I did not have that experience. now I have allowed God to restore me it is