Prison dream

On Monday 2nd January 2006, I woke up with a dream that suggested that I was in prison because I had not done enough to look for a job. Somehow I knew that if I did I would become one of the people on the outsdie who were helping those on the inside.

It was a bank holiday so I had a look on the internet to find some addresses to send “please give me a job” letters to as this was soemthing that had worked for me before. I wanted a teaching job so all I had to do was find a list of places that might want teachers and ask them to remember me if they had a position available.

It was while doing this that I discovered a course that I wanted to do. I had a business idea that I wanted to move forwards and one of the courses I found was for those wanting to start a business.

I decided to find out more about this scheme. First step was to check the criteria. I had to have lived in the right area for over six months. I contacted those running the scheme and gave them my postcode and they said I lived in the right place to take advanatage of their programme. Later that week I had an interview and was told that I could start the following week.

Looking back it was a good job that I started that programme then because I am not sure if I would ever have met all the requirements for that programme again before it came to an end. I moved house at the end of the course and again eleven months later. The house I finally settled in was not in the right postcode area.

Why was it so useful? I already been teaching adults to use computers in various settings so had the opportunity to gain a teaching qualification. After that business start up course I had a qualification of a high enough standard to teach business start-up. One of the ways I think some people can get themselves unstuck is start a business.

That was definitely a good dream.

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