Plans and more plans

I don’t know about you but I do not include planning as one of my most enjoyable experiences in life. I have a list in my head and then work out what I am going to do day by day. Last week I sat down and did an action plan that was supposed to cover 12 weeks.

It was a simple really. Set up a table with one column per day and one row per week to cover 12 weeks. There was more detail in the earlier weeks of course but the idea was to think through what I thought I should be doing and then find a place for it.

Some bad reactions to planning

The problem was there were some important things that I had forgotten about and that had to be done so the plan was changed. Then there were the things that could not be done because the tech problems I had had for weeks still were not resolved sufficiently to let me do them. I made some progress on the tech issues but not enough to tackle of what was on the action plan. The end result there was only 1 day out of 5 that I managed to work my way through that day’s list of tasks.

Now what! Is it is so easy to beat myself up for all the things that I have not done and discount all the things that I have done. After all, researching and writing a 5000 word report from scratch starting at 6 am and finishing at 11 pm is not exactly being lazy! Yes, there were some breaks on health and safety grounds. I am not so crazy as to skip those.

Getting on the right track

Today the action plan says write a journal entry, well I am doing that. It also says update the plan. I think this plan is going to be a learning tool. One lesson is going to be working out what is a realistic expectation of what I can achieve in a day.

I will be honest part of me hates the restrictions of plans i.e. you have to do this today because it is on the plan. On the other hand, I hate being so disorganized that I am struggling to keep everything in some kind of reasonable order. Somewhere there must be a middle ground where I can be contented.

What is your experience with planning?
Do you hate it but accept it as a necessary evil?
Do you love it and could not cope without it?

There is a discussion form called help with planning follow this link and see what help you can find there.

Help with planning forum

P.S. The Tech Monster reappeared after I wrote this. It tried gobbling up this post but it did not succeed. Phew!!