One way of handling hidden frustrations

I have faced a lot of frustrations on my journey. it has been a case of I should be doing this but again and again, things have not worked out as I expected or thought that they should.

Some frustrations are too personal to write about. others would run the risk of being misinterpreted for a variety of reasons There have been some that are tangible and practical and others more esoteric and hard to explain.

Sometimes the tangible intermingles with the tangible and the resulting mess takes a lot of .understanding. Other times the tangible gives you clues about what is happening in the intangible. not only that but ideas from the tangible world can give you clues about how to deal with the intangible.

How one test proved I had an intangible problem to deal with

I have learnt the hard way that it is essential to test ideas before leaping ahead with them. One of the tests that I have used has been to see what people think about names I would like to use for projects. I post the name of my idea and a brief description on Facebook and see what happens. Doing this has saved my bacon more than once as it has brought unexpected responses.

The last time I got an unexpected response I was stunned by it. I did not think I was doing anything that would have offended anyone. Someone commented on that post that they would not support a project like that and that would tell everyone they knew not to support it either. Ouch, you would think I was promoting some kind of evil activity.

I was stunned. They were obviously responding to some kind of pain. I was aware that some people had been hurt from taking part in such activities. Their pain had not been caused by the activity itself but by the ethics and behaviour of people who had taken part in it or had encouraged them to take part in it.

I had not done anything apart from share an idea that I thought would help other people. I had been tarred with the same brush as some unspecified wrongdoers. They had done something wrong so it was assumed that everyone who did that sort of thing was unscrupulous as well. I presumed that they had made money by saying they were going to help people when in reality people did not make money and ended up badly hurt both financially and emotionally.

How do I respond to this?

It is not easy defending yourself in a public forum and I felt battered and bruised by the response. At least I was only floating an idea and I could adapt it so that it did not appear so unpleasant or harmful. The advantage of finding out what people object before you start doing something is that you can adjust what you are offering them so that you counter them.

Those were the practical and tangible things I could do. Words have power. just look at what happened when God spoke in Genesis chapter 1. We might not be able to create a universe with our words but we can make or break people with them. We can, however, make the world around us feel the way it does because it is our words that impact what others think about us. That then affects how they respond to us and that in turn helps to create the world that we live in.

Our words are so important that they are recorded in heaven and used as evidence for or against us. If that is the case is that evidence that can be used against us in the here and now or just in the hereafter. My experience has been that my words have determined how both humans and a miscellany of spiritual beings have responded to me. Some have worked for me and others against me.

How do I counter the impact of words spoken against me?

If the words others have spoken about me and people like me have an impact on me today it would be quite unfair if I could not do anything about the situation. If this is evidence that is stored in heaven then how on earth could it be presented in an earthly court. There is enough evidence in the Bible to suggest that there are courts in heaven.

If that is the case could I bring forwards the court case so that I feel the benefit of the judge’s decision while I am still alive maybe even today? Maybe I could pray and speak to God in a similar way to a plaintiff in a court would. You know the sort of thing “Your Honour so and so has done this and I ask you to rule that this should have no impact on me.”

It helps that as a Christian I have an advocate who speaks up in court for me. What is even better is that there is a whole gamut of Christian teaching on what Jesus death achieved for us if only we use the three Rs as often as we should. By that I mean release the past by forgiving those who have hurt us including ourselves, retune our hearts so that we believe different things and reframe our thinking so that we do different things because of our changed way of thinking. Do that and we will receive the benefits of Jesus death which then enables God the judge to say the price has been paid.  This one does not have to be punished. The judge will then order the punishment to stop.

If you have some idea how a court works on earth this is a relatively easy concept to understand. A landlord goes to court and says this person told me they would pay me this much money if I let them live in my house. They didn’t pay me all that they said they would do so now I want them out. The judge listens to the arguments on both sides and comes to a decision. Once they have made an eviction order the tenant has to move out. If they do not then the landlord can get help from people approved by the court to force them to move out. In the UK we call them bailiffs.

For someone who sees things in pictures like me, this is a relatively easy way of using biblical concepts. Yes, it is not the commonly taught way of putting a series of biblical ideas together but if it works then why knock it. Like many other things, you need to know the Bible well to get all the details just right. Thankfully if our heart is right and we are trying to do things in the right way we will be supported.

Taking this idea further

There are people who teach in depth on this topic. One of the best known is Robert Henderson. There are loads of videos of him on You Tube explaining these ideas. He has a few books on Amazon as well. Below is my affiliate link to one of his books.