My navigational adventures

One thing those who know me well soon realise is that I regularly have navigational adventures. I start with a map and a list of instructions but then make a wrong turn and start an adventure.

As I write I am recovering from such an adventure. My legs, lower back and shoulders were overworked during this adventure and they are letting me know in no uncertain terms that they are unhappy.

What happened this time?

I was going to a seminar and I thought I had previously decided to go by train so I booked a train ticket. I was relying on my memory rather than checking how far the seminar venue was from the station before I booked the ticket. Once I had bought a non-refundable ticket I checked how easy it was to get to the venue. Argh, Google directions said it would take me 33 minutes to walk there. No problem I had 80 minutes after the train arrived to get there and 70 minutes afterwards to get back to the station.

On the way there I followed the map then thought I  had missed a turning so went back to take that turning. Oops, that was not the turning I needed. Now I was off the map and I was relying on my sense of direction to head in the right direction. Those guesses were way off the mark and I ended up going backwards not forwards. After a while, I started asking for help. I even called in at a police station I went past. The police officer gave me a better map which at least I could use to work out where I had been. I finally got to the seminar but I was 20 minutes late.

Towards the end of my adventure, I decided to try the GPS on my phone and that helped. However, I don’t like using this as I get concerned about how much it will cost to use it.

Why is that relevant here?

When I got back home it struck me that this is what happens with other things that I do. The number of times I prepare plans start working on them and then do something different is amazing.

For example, I had not written up the idea of doing craft fairs into the plan but then had the chance to do one and took it. Oops, It took time and energy but there were precious little to show for it. I just about covered my costs. What was worse was that I had a chance to do a second fair and this time I thought about it and then suddenly realised that I had left the application to the last minute. That was when I had the sense to say right if this is the right thing to do let it work if not make sure it does not. It did not work which confirmed my theory that it was not the right thing to do.

The number of times I start doing something and then find that I have taken a wrong turning or not done it quite the right way is amazing. The wonder is that I do sometimes get to where I was intending to go. Maybe I arrived at the destination later than I should have done or have put more time and effort into doing something than I needed to have because I have gone a circuitous route to get there.

It seems as if there is no shortage of things that will tempt me off the path that I have previously decided to take. It might be a craft fair. It may be a new piece of software that promises to help me in some way. It could be an online talk or worse a series of online talks.

The crazy thing is what was one of the ideas that landed hard during the seminar. How we don’t achieve all we are supposed to do because we allow ourselves to be taken off track!