Money management course

We had some really boring old materials that needed livening up. Well no one in their right mind would be attracted to them. Good material but so plain and uninteresting. They had been part of the old course system that we demolished when we moved home recently. Once in their new home they looked so drab and boring. They needed a new breath of life.

You can see from the Pounds CAN Meet the Ends blog that we had a blast of inspiration. Very strange I don’t know about you but my mind starts the day clear and gradually gets cluttered up during the day. I once when doing some research about our thought processes I read a book that said that our brains run a clean up process during the night. The idea is that it runs a sort of tidying up process leaving us better able to face the next day. That definitely seems to apply to me as I often think more clearly in the morning.

Anyway back to my story. I wanted some kind of framework some kind of hook to hang this material on to make it more interesting. I prayed for inspiration one day and I woke up the next morning with a very clear answer. The more I thought about it the more the better the idea seemed. It ticked all the boxes of what I wanted it be. It fitted in with the domain name I had used since 2001. It made sense with the logo that I had used all those years. This may need a bit of tweaking to demonstrate the new concept idea better but the basic idea will stay the same.

I did some picture research and I realised that there were other ideas and concepts I could bring in. I could draw in ideas about the effects of difficult circumstances. I could even draw on ideas based on ethics. Marvellous for me but what does it mean for you? You are going to be able to read a blog that is centred around a new improved concept. Not only that but in the near future you will be able to access a whole new money management course based on those principles. Something that is truly out of this world because that is where its inspiration came from.

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