Money Making Parlour – the paperback

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Looking for ideas for a smaller than small business that you can run from the best room in your house? Here are 125 of them.

This book started as a dream. I woke up  on the camp site after someone had prayed for us to have good ideas on what we could do to make money with the idea of this book. I knew it needed to be based on public domain content and I had quite a bit of that on my computer at home.

I came home and started work on the book. It is based on a book that was published before I was born on using a typewriter to make money. Yes I know typewriters are nearly museum pieces now. However you can use a computer to do many of the same things as you could do with a computer. Don’t forget that the basic principles of business don’t change that much even over many decades.

In addition to the original text I have added a comment to each idea. These have sub-headings like “Is there still a place for this?” and “How can this idea help you develop your own idea?”.

Buy it from Create Space by clicking this link