Miracle or not?

Most of us have things in our lives that we would like to see changed. It could be that we desire a restored body with no cancer, no arthritis, the bits removed by surgery replaced and the things that are the worse for wear back to their original condition. It could be that we want to see our loved ones change their lifestyle to one that is less destructive. It could be that we want to see our communities transformed. We want those thins but we intuitively know that it will take a miracle for them to happen.

As if that was not enough there is a sense that the immensity of what we could do is only limited by our imagination. Add that to the idea that if we tolerate things or think that it is not possible or even worthwhile changing something then we won’t do anything to even try. Either way unless we look for or expect change we will not do what it takes for change to happen.

What is a miracle anyway?

One way of looking at it is an unexpected change. Another is something that goes against the laws of nature that is attributed to supernatural intervention.

Aslan in The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe talked of unexpected barely believable things happening because of deep magic. This was a deeper magic than the White Witch knew about. Amazing things happened for Aslan because he was able to draw on that deep magic.

What if some of the dramatic changes that we see in both people and the world around us are the result of something very similar to that deep magic? This would mean that there was something more than the natural laws or business principles bringing about those changes.

What if the breakthroughs that people experience were the result by the operation of supernatural laws would they still be a miracle?  The definitely could be an outstanding breakthroughs. I am not happy calling them a miracle because, although they seem to be breaking the natural laws, they are happening because supernatural laws (a sort of deeper magic) are affecting the situation.

What other things bring about such changes?

There are people who have dealt with negative like jealousy, unforgiveness and bitterness and found that their health has improved dramatically. Imagine taking someone through a counselling session followed by a time of prayer to deal with negative emotions only to find that a serious health condition no longer impacts them.

It is seen as simple cause and effect. You forgive and deal with the negative emotion and you have an unexpected breakthrough with a medical condition. There are people who attribute the departure of cancer cells from their body to forgiving those who have hurt them.

Another approach that people use to change situations is speaking God’s truth. There are specific ways of doing this which can have a very surprising impact upon people. This can so strengthen their inner being that it changes their life.

Can we depend on miracles?

One of the reasons why people want a miracle is that they are hungry for change. If someone is hungry enough to want food then they would be really happy if you gave them a fish. They will eat the fish but then come back to you for more fish because they don’t know how else to find fish to eat.

On the other hand you could give someone they equipment they need to catch a fish and teach them how to use it.  They are no longer dependent on you to catch the fish and give it to them. They can do it themselves.

The problem with miracles is that all often it is like giving someone a fish. They go to a meeting and become dependent on someone doing things for them that they cannot do things for themselves. They want the results but do not know how to get them. If someone else came up to them and needed help they would not know how to help them.

We humans like being given fish because we don’t like the responsibility of using fishing gear to catch fish for ourselves. There are also people who like the idea of being a fisherman who other people a fish. Thankfully there are some people who are willing and able to teach people to fish and help them improve their results.

Why is this important to God’s Lily?

Look at that tagline. What sort of society does it describe?

a fair society where the needs of the weakest are met in such a way that it strengthens them rather than weakens them further

Which do you think would strengthen people more? Being given a  fish or being taught how to fish? I believe that a lot of the time it is teaching them how to fish.

If you teach people how to get up when they fall down rather than just picking them up they can repeat the process as and when it is needed. If they cannot repeat it are they any better off than they were before you helped them. They might actually be weaker than they were before. No wonder teaching people how to help themselves and even how to help others is part of the core philosophies of God’s Lily.

Why are miracles important?

Miracles are a sign of love.  They are something that God does to show grace and mercy to people. Imagine then what it is like when they do not happen.

I have been on both sides of that coin. My back hurt and I said God I would love it if you would arrange something to deal with that backache. Not long after that I was at a meeting and when the opportunity arose to be prayed for I grabbed it.

The prayer was for both my legs to be the same length. I noticed nothing different until the following morning when standing next to the bathroom sink. I felt as if I was standing on a bit of a step and as a result leaning at an odd angle. I soon got used to having legs that were the same length.

On the other hand I have prayed for and wanted other things to happen and they never did happen. The chance of them ever happening flew out of the window years ago. I did not have what I wanted.

There is reams and reams of teaching why things do not change even when we do all we know to do to make it possible for the situation to change  Some of it is helpful and some of it is quite harmful.

Imagine being left feeling that there is something very wrong with you because the miracle you want is not happening. You can spend a lot of time trying to ferret out the reasons why you cannot have what you want and then do something about them. Been there, done that and worn the T-shirt or maybe I should say the hair shirt worn by those being punished.

OK is not always that comfortable for the person praying for others not to see the miracles they want to see in their ministry. So why do we put ourselves through that kind of torture? I would love to know. Have you any ideas?