Like the logo?

The logo is really a word cloud. There are quite a few sites online that help you make word clouds. I used one called tagul.

Actually, they are quite fun and you can use any text you like to make your word cloud. If you had not noticed I used the prophecy from the God’s Lily page to create the logo. Somehow it seemed particularly appropriate.

There were quite a few shapes I could have chosen from. There is a cup and saucer for the word clouds used in places where you really must take a break. Glasses for the time when you want people to see clearly. Somehow though I think the basic flower shapes was the most suitable one for this purpose.

There are some other variations you can play with as well. these include colours, fonts. It took a bit of playing around to get the effect I was looking for as the wrong words were standing out from the text to start with. It was worth the effort though.


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