It is not fair

It is not fair what I see as the reasoning behind developing Lily’s Place is not what other people think is important. You see the way I saw things the important thing was to be ready so when all hell broke lose there was somewhere for people to go.

What I saw was a world where there was a strong likelihood of things going wrong. Just over the horizon was the economic collapse that was the result of borrowing too much money. Or there was the possibility of a solar flare that would send out an electromagnetic pulse to earth that was strong enough to fry the electrical supply system in the part of the world that faced the sun at the time.

In my view the response to those things like that was a form of readiness that would help people even if things did not go wrong. Problem is that most people expect life to go on in the same way that it has already done. They had what the preparedness community call a normalcy bias.

The more I tried to explain things in this way the harder I hit a brick wall. People just could not see why being prepared for that kind of eventuality was important. After all the chances of it ever happening were so remote. Yes we have been on the edge many times but so far we have not been over that edge. So why bother trying to be ready in case we did go over the edge.

My argument was why not be ready in case things go wrong but if they don’t then we will still have the benefit of doing things that way. After all that is what I did with Y2K. I bought some extra stuff just in case in in 1998 and 1999. I had 3 months supply of tinned food but I also had other things. This included 2 large water containers and a trolley to put them in case I had to depend on a standpipe.

The food was eaten long ago but I still have the water containers and the trolley. The trolley proved invaluable a few years later when I moved house. I was only moving a short distance, probably no more than about 500 yards but most of what I moved was shifted with that trolley. Yes a lady with a car volunteered to help me one evening and we moved some books and my computer that night. In addition I paid a man with a van to move a couple of pieces of furniture but otherwise everything was taken round on that little trolley. I was so thankful that I had it.

I got things to help with one possibility of things going wrong. The reality was that they went wrong in a different way. Yet some of the things that I did to help me be prepared for the first outcome that never happened helped me be ready for the second one that I was not expecting.

Which is major and which is minor?

This is what I see as so unfair. Many people saw my major and said it was unimportant and switched off. Of course those things are important. You need to be ready for an uncertain future that is what makes it easier to cope when things do go wrong.

They had switched off so they did not see the minor. The problem is that the minor was important to them. They could not see it because they were presented with the major first. The major was hiding the minor.