Helping others part 1

I have done loads of courses read many books and generally done my best to become very well informed in the area of inner healing. I have not come across any method used by Christians to help people realign their thinking that does not start with repentance and forgiveness. In other words they all agree that the starting point is accepting that we (I am human so I count myself in this as well) are like sheep who have gone astray and each gone our own way.

Listen to those who teach others to become counselors and you soon realise that there are a variety of outlines that can be used as a foundation for prayers that will help people change situations in the lives. In fact in some way using those is the easy bit as they are often written down in a file or manual.

The difficult bit is working out what has actually gone wrong. This is where the counselling part of the idea of prayer counseling comes in. There is usually some kind of initial document to complete prior to the counseling session. It is like a diagnostic tool that is looking for facts that will provide clues as to what is happening and why. Sometimes the person on the receiving end fills the form in and sometimes it is the person asking the questions.

Next step is asking questions based mainly on the questionnaire. Often it is trail of facts or thoughts that finally leads to some issues that can be dealt with prayerfully. All the time they are looking for underlying issues root causes. The idea being is that wrong choices they have made in the past including reactions to the wrong choices of others need to be addressed. This is what the counsellor uses to guide the person they are helping through a prayer that always starts with acknowledging that a mistake has been made and asking God for forgiveness.

A sample framework

This is one simple but effective framework that works in a variety of situations.

  • Admit that there is a problem and acknowledge how far strayed from the ideal biblically based standard
  • Agree with God that something has to change and change permanently (i.e. repent)
  • Ask for forgiveness
  • Forgive all others involved, preferably one by one. The more specific this is the better the results.
  • Forgive yourself for you part in the problem.
  • Forgive God for what you think He has done (remember someone can do nothing wrong but still need to be forgiven because we are letting go of our perception or our view of what happened)
  • Tell God’s enemy that he has no more authority to use this situation to generate problems
  • Tell the Holy Spirit that you are willing to be healed and so invite him to help you
  • Ask God to tell you His truth about this situation

That is the basic how to but what where does that formula start.

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