Gathering up enough for 6 months

About 2 months ago had a prompting to gather up food for six months. OK that seemed odd and to be honest the more I have thought about it the more odd it seems. After all in 1999 in the run up to the Millennium I only gathered 3 months supplies. OK there were two mouths to feed then and yes there were far less restrictions on what I could eat.

These days there are so many things on my avoid list that it is not easy feeding me. No lentils, mushrooms, cauliflower, tomatoes, tuna, red meat, dairy, grapes or soya. Then it is easy on other foods like pickles and eggs. No more cheese and pickle sandwiches or hard boiled eggs. The old staples like corned beef and tinned fish or even baked beans are no good to me any more. It is a challenge going anywhere that does not know my limitations. I can go to a restaurant and look at the menu and realise that there is no main course and I can eat and what there is would be hard to adapt to my needs.

So what do I stock up on? There are cereals, dairy alternatives like drinks based on oats milk or rice for breakfast and dried fruit for snacks. What else is there? Tins of chicken, turkey or vegetables I suppose and packets of rice or cous cous. It is quite a challenge. After all I need things that I can eat as well as things that will keep. I found with the millennium bug that it was really important to shop carefully so that even if I did not have to live off just my food store then I did not waste much if anything as I let my food stocks run down.

Why bother?

At the moment I feel a bit like Noah must have done. You are building a what? A boat? What do you need a boat for here? This is not a particularly wet area. Yet Noah persisted for decades building the Ark and then once it was done and his family was safe inside it started raining and raining.

Yet I look at the political news and wonder if there is still a possibility for life in the UK to be turned upside down with all the fall out for Brexit. I listen to those who say God wants the UK out of the European Union and will make it happen in part because some of the other things that the church has been praying for will not happen without Brexit.

The only thing I can say about that is that I knew I had to vote in the referendum and as I was walking to the polling station I was praying hard that I would know the way God wanted me to vote. I had a strong sense that it was right to vote to leave the EU. I really was not sure that being part of the EU has been God’s best for the UK.

There are some who say that the UK will be in such turmoil that we will not know what to do to help ourselves and as a nation we will end up turning to God. It will be interesting to see if they are right.

Ancient wisdom

When I was pulling together some materials that were based on Proverbs 31 one of the things I realised was that the children of the Proverbs 31 woman had the clothes that they needed when the snow came. Her family had what they needed even in difficult or tough times. They were cared for and supported even when times were hard.

That is why I made sure the materials I compiled for the Surviving a Household Emergency course I prepared yeas ago stayed online. I also added the Developing a Food Storage Programme materials. These as in the immortal words of TV shows where they make things, were things that I had prepared earlier. I had written them a long time earlier and had to revise them a bit as things have changed. I found one place where they mentioned not to use 150 watt light bulbs in fittings designed for 60 watt bulbs. It is a long time since we have been able to buy 150 watt bulbs as even 60 watt bulbs are virtually unheard of these days.

There are all sorts of tips in those materials. How to be better prepared if there is a fire and better still ideas on reducing the possibility of a fire starting. Tips on surviving flooding or power blackouts or even a heatwave are included. Some of this stuff does seem more like a reminder of what we really know that we should do rather than new ideas but it does us no harm to revise such ideas.

One reason is the advice that flight assistants give i.e. put on your own oxygen masks and then you will be better able to help others if there is an emergency. If you want to be such a person then go to the area on this site set aside for thse materials by clicking on this link.

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