Financing Kingdom Work – the paperback

You can buy it from Create Space by clicking this link

It might not be that easy getting a project off the ground but what is often so much harder is making sure that all the bills are paid. I know as I have been on that journey since 2009 and learnt a lot as a result. In this book I share what I have learnt from my experience.

It covers the obvious things like the three basic approaches to paying for Kingdom work.

  • Using other people’s money e.g. grants and loans
  • Using your own money e.g. being bi-vocational
  • Being self-sustaining i.e. developing an income generating project

In addition it also covers the less obvious things like how we may need to change the way that we think about money. I have found this to be one of my biggest stumbling blocks.

This book is an answer to the prayer, “How do I do what I am called to do and still pay the gas bill (and every other bill for that matter)?” It looks at the different options and considers the possible pitfalls. It combines ideas taken straight out of the Bible with the practical wisdom the author learnt along the way.

It is the book for those who want to do good in the community but do not want to starve themselves. It is written from a Christian perspective and anyone at peace with that approach will benefit from it. The sort of roles you as reader could have (or soon have) include pioneer minister, community development worker, and project worker.

There is no set answer. There cannot be as every situation is different. What there is though are a lot of things that will help you think through the various options that are open to you. You will then be in a better position to work out the best answer for your particular situation.

The author lives in the UK and is a member of a non-conformist chapel.

You can buy it from Create Space by clicking this link

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