Fighting giants pt 1

I had been fighting a giant and I thought that I had conquered it so therefore made some progress. Well I had but I was not counting on what the backlash was going to be. Entering the Promised Land is not easy. Well it was not designed to be easy but this backlash was something to behold. It was as if everything that could be thrown against me was for a few days.

What happened

I was trying to pull together an online conference. I had a website set up and then sent out the details to the speakers I had asked to help me. I sent them all out a link but this was when the website started having problems. The thing was the more I tried to fix it the worse it got. Talk about vicious cycle. If I was someone who panicked easily then I would have been twirling round faster than an old-fashioned single record.

Well if you cannot do things one way then there is always another way. In this case I was thinking of moving to a new domain with a shorter name. Umm time to bring forwards those plans. So I started work on The COB Cub There were a few challenges with that but they were overcome so that site is now live.

I am still trying to work out what the next giant did to generate the problems that it did. I knew what had happened in that I could not access the internet. I had done anything that I could see that could cause a problem. The support service could not see that there was a problem at their end. It was a real puzzle. Then I stumbled across the fact that a restore point that had been set up automatically when I solved another problem by repairing a Microsoft product. I tried turning the computer back using that restore point. Amazingly it worked.

Add to those things that I was not feeling on top form physically. I was nauseous and even felt a bit unsteady on my feet. Not quite dizzy but I was aware that I was not my usual self. That did not help matters.

Fighting giants

The thing with giants is that if you do not fight them they win. If you want to win then you have to fight them. They knock you down and you get up and start fighting back. It is just that I am not used to such a succession of giants in 36 hours.

Giants attack your weak points. One of my weak points was that I did not have an up to date back up for that site. I had a partial back up so I did not lose everything. Yes I do have a two step process I use that produces a really good backup.

This is why I often look at ways of increasing resilience. You know the sort of thing if this goes wrong then I will do that. Of course once you have your weaknesses covered the attacks either cannot have the impact they would have had or else the giants do not bother attacking.

There is an upside to fighting giants and that is you gain experience. It was not just the fact that I had already knew that a backup was a good idea I needed a bit more encouragement to create them. Not only that but finding ways of overcoming the issues that the fight against giants increased my repertoire of things that I know how to do.

Spiritual gymnasium

Exercise often includes overcoming resistance. Part of this is our resistance for actually exercising and part is that the idea is to push ourselves to do more. As the saying goes no pain no gain.

Facing problems is what builds up our strength.  In fact that is why Judges 3 says there were inhabitants in the Promised Land. The idea was that they needed to learn to fight to that they could have a better future.

Like I said earlier if we don’t fight there is no way that we can win. Yes it can be frustrating and time consuming fighting giants but we need to learn to fight so that we can move forwards.

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