Fairness or inequality?

Is there really a difference between fairness and inequality? Believe it or not there are some things that seem unequal but when you look deeper they are actually fair. Think about it this way. You give two people exactly the same amount of money one day and a week later they have different amounts of

It is not fair

It is not fair what I see as the reasoning behind developing Lily’s Place is not what other people think is important. You see the way I saw things the important thing was to be ready so when all hell broke lose there was somewhere for people to go. What I saw was a world

Why bother trying to build a fair society?

The aim of this site is to speak out for those struggling to build a fair society. The strange thing is that this is what God’s Lily is about but it is only a small piece of the things that concern me. If you have explored the pages in the menu and read about Lily’s

Do some people really want others to be weak?

The sad truth is that some people really do want other people to be weak. And believe it or not it is something that can be seen in a number of environments including the church. Why would someone want someone else to be weak? They want people to keep on receiving or taking what they

Miracle or not?

Most of us have things in our lives that we would like to see changed. It could be that we desire a restored body with no cancer, no arthritis, the bits removed by surgery replaced and the things that are the worse for wear back to their original condition. It could be that we want

Like the logo?

The logo is really a word cloud. There are quite a few sites online that help you make word clouds. I used one called tagul. Actually, they are quite fun and you can use any text you like to make your word cloud. If you had not noticed I used the prophecy from the God’s