Frustrations get personal sometimes

Frustrations do get personal sometimes, even very personal. Here is what I learnt from some of the frustrations I have faced recently. How some frustrations led to one plan being abandoned? Eight months ago I had a plan. I would do this activity and then that would get that project off the ground and that

My navigational adventures

One thing those who know me well soon realise is that I regularly have navigational adventures. I start with a map and a list of instructions but then make a wrong turn and start an adventure. As I write I am recovering from such an adventure. My legs, lower back and shoulders were overworked during

Setting up a prototype craft group

I have just been updating the website of a prototype craft group that my friend and I started last year. It is amazing to reflect just how far we have got in that time.  (I am sorry but I cannot include the link because the church has refused me permission to use the real name

Fighting giants pt2

I was in the thick of the battle against the giants that I described in part one and I came across three different talks that demonstrated different strategies in terms of fighting giants. It was one of those times when things come together in a strange way. What is your approach to fighting? The young

Fighting giants pt 1

I had been fighting a giant and I thought that I had conquered it so therefore made some progress. Well I had but I was not counting on what the backlash was going to be. Entering the Promised Land is not easy. Well it was not designed to be easy but this backlash was something