Loaves and fishes

Many of us see needs around us and wonder what can I do to meet them. Jesus disciples were no different. Matthew tells us the story of them when they were struggling but a way was found to resolve the problem that they did not expect to see. Let’s set the scene Jesus had just

My navigational adventures

One thing those who know me well soon realise is that I regularly have navigational adventures. I start with a map and a list of instructions but then make a wrong turn and start an adventure. As I write I am recovering from such an adventure. My legs, lower back and shoulders were overworked during

Why have I been so frustrated lately?

I was wondering what was going on. It has been as if there is an onslaught coming against me  for the past month or so. Old dreams have faced new challenges. Part of the problem is that I have asked questions about what I should be doing and God has opened up some things and

Fighting giants pt2

I was in the thick of the battle against the giants that I described in part one and I came across three different talks that demonstrated different strategies in terms of fighting giants. It was one of those times when things come together in a strange way. What is your approach to fighting? The young

Fighting giants pt 1

I had been fighting a giant and I thought that I had conquered it so therefore made some progress. Well I had but I was not counting on what the backlash was going to be. Entering the Promised Land is not easy. Well it was not designed to be easy but this backlash was something

Who am I?

I sounds a strange question because of course I am me i.e. Susan. However it is a more profound question than that. We need an answer to give to people when we meet them. One of the first questions people ask when they meet us for the first time is what do you do? In

I was looking for Reverend Right but I found Reverend Wrong

Many people have come across the idea of Mr Right, or even Miss Right. They are the person who is the right person to stand beside at the altar with during the wedding ceremony. So who could Reverend Right be. In my case Reverend Right is the person who would be willing to work with me