Is it a calling or a battle?

In the previous two posts I have written about the trials and tribulations I have faced since I thought I was called to be a Baptist minister. I had reached a dead end but then something happened to make me realise that I was facing an obstacle that could be overcome rather than the end

Making a move

Recently I wrote a post that told the story about how I thought that I should be working towards becoming a Baptist minister. (Free will makes life frustrating) It is a story that ranks high in my list of frustrations over the years. In the beginning I thought the main challenge was having a husband who

Free will makes life frustrating

Free will sounds like a good idea until we get blocked by someone else’s free will. I was in that situation for about 20 years. There was something I wanted to do the choices someone else made meant that I could not do it and that was definitely frustrating. The story starts when I was

Who is frustrated you or God with you?

It sounds a strange thing for someone who is frustrated with their progress to think of God being frustrated with them. After all, they are the ones who are stuck or blocked from going forwards or reaching their dreams. I spent years being frustrated and believing I was doing all the right things. I was just

One way of handling hidden frustrations

I have faced a lot of frustrations on my journey. it has been a case of I should be doing this but again and again, things have not worked out as I expected or thought that they should. Some frustrations are too personal to write about. others would run the risk of being misinterpreted for

Frustrations get personal sometimes

Frustrations do get personal sometimes, even very personal. Here is what I learnt from some of the frustrations I have faced recently. How some frustrations led to one plan being abandoned? Eight months ago I had a plan. I would do this activity and then that would get that project off the ground and that

Loaves and fishes

Many of us see needs around us and wonder what can I do to meet them. Jesus disciples were no different. Matthew tells us the story of them when they were struggling but a way was found to resolve the problem that they did not expect to see. Let’s set the scene Jesus had just

My navigational adventures

One thing those who know me well soon realise is that I regularly have navigational adventures. I start with a map and a list of instructions but then make a wrong turn and start an adventure. As I write I am recovering from such an adventure. My legs, lower back and shoulders were overworked during

Why have I been so frustrated lately?

I was wondering what was going on. It has been as if there is an onslaught coming against me  for the past month or so. Old dreams have faced new challenges. Part of the problem is that I have asked questions about what I should be doing and God has opened up some things and