Tax and all that

I am coming to the conclusion that governments around the world are starting to try and expand their reach into other countries. Could this be a sign of desperation. Taxing your own people who are overseas The first thing I heard was stories of people who had never been to the US but were being

Money and the future

They said that there would need to be cutbacks there simply was not enough money coming in. The family income had gone down. It simply was not possible to do everything that they used to do. There had to be spending cutbacks. Someone then spoke up and said we need to do something to increase

Are we doing what the king wants us to do?

The king’s son was angry. He was speaking to people who were supposed to be doing what the king wanted but they weren’t. They were doing what they thought was right because they were frightened at the consequences of making mistakes. The reason why they were not doing what the king wanted Many years before