Vanessa on Periscope

Have you investigated Periscope yet? It is one of the many ways that people are connecting with people on line. The idea is that if you have a phone with a video camera that can download an app for either an Android or an Apple phone you can record a video and leave it online

What do you mean by a fair society?

The idea of a fair society is, like many other terms, something that means something different to different people. Words can change meaning over time and can mean different things within different communities. One classic example is the word prevent. This at one time meant to go before. Today it means to stop something happening.

What I learnt from a day out with my mum

Yesterday I had really lovely day. I went out shopping with my mum. that might not sound like much unless you know our history. I appreciate what so many others take for granted because for one reason or another I did not have that experience. now I have allowed God to restore me it is

What about the Big Society?

For those who don’t know the Big Society is an idea put forward by the new UK government that came to power this summer. They say that their aims include  supporting co-ops, mutuals, charities and social enterprises and encouraging people to take an active role in their communities. Well that is the positive side of things. The