NHS and mental distress

We often think that the NHS is there to help us with mental illness or even just mental distress but there are limits to the help that it can provide. My interest in the area of mental distress came from personal experience. I was struggling to cope with home family and marriage and wondering how

Relieving the pressure on the NHS

My recent adventures have left me with a greater appreciation of the need to relieve the pressure on the NHS. When I went home the ward I was on was closed to new admissions. They were so short staffed that if something went wrong then they could not have coped. They set things up so

How do we know what is good for people?

One way we can know what is good for people is to sit back and think about what helped us in the same situation. Or if that is not possible to get advice from someone who has been in that situation. One thing that sticks in my memory about this is a scene from a

Why use weak in the tag line rather than poor?

Interesting? Why weak and not poor? The real answer is that this was God’s idea not mine. Or rather this is what I thought He told me to use. But why use weak rather than poor? One thing that strikes me is that poor has more of a connotation of disdain. You know the poor

Vanessa on Periscope

Have you investigated Periscope yet? It is one of the many ways that people are connecting with people on line. The idea is that if you have a phone with a video camera that can download an app for either an Android or an Apple phone you can record a video and leave it online

What do you mean by a fair society?

The idea of a fair society is, like many other terms, something that means something different to different people. Words can change meaning over time and can mean different things within different communities. One classic example is the word prevent. This at one time meant to go before. Today it means to stop something happening.

Christians and money

Ever thought how much we need others to help us obtain everything we need. After all how many of us can grow all our own food? Do we know how to keep sheep, separate the sheep from its fleece, then use that fleece to make cloth and then use that cloth to make comfortable clothes?

The reality of the Proverbs 31 woman

The Proverbs 31 woman is one of the most annoying characters in the Bible. She is that mythical creature that normal women measure themselves by and find themselves wanting. How does any normal, sane, sensible woman reach those standards? When you look at where the advice comes from you soon realise the problem. The Proverbs