The Good Samaritan

I was in a Facebook group where we were having a discussion about the fact that there are some women who have experienced difficult circumstances who had found that the church was the last place where they got real help and support. Someone then mentioned The Good Samaritan and reminded us that the person who

A new book is on the way

I have been a bit quiet recently. It’s not just because have been doing other things like moving stuff out of the way so that the folk sent by the insurance company can fix the damage done by an escape of water. It overflowed from the toilet cistern along the central heating pipes before coming

Christians and money

Ever thought how much we need others to help us obtain everything we need. After all how many of us can grow all our own food? Do we know how to keep sheep, separate the sheep from its fleece, then use that fleece to make cloth and then use that cloth to make comfortable clothes?

Money Making Parlour – the paperback

Buy it from Create Space by clicking this link Looking for ideas for a smaller than small business that you can run from the best room in your house? Here are 125 of them. This book started as a dream. I woke up  on the camp site after someone had prayed for us to have