Gathering up enough for 6 months

About 2 months ago had a prompting to gather up food for six months. OK that seemed odd and to be honest the more I have thought about it the more odd it seems. After all in 1999 in the run up to the Millennium I only gathered 3 months supplies. OK there were two

The Good Samaritan

I was in a Facebook group where we were having a discussion about the fact that there are some women who have experienced difficult circumstances who had found that the church was the last place where they got real help and support. Someone then mentioned The Good Samaritan and reminded us that the person who

One way of handling hidden frustrations

I have faced a lot of frustrations on my journey. it has been a case of I should be doing this but again and again, things have not worked out as I expected or thought that they should. Some frustrations are too personal to write about. others would run the risk of being misinterpreted for

Loaves and fishes

Many of us see needs around us and wonder what can I do to meet them. Jesus disciples were no different. Matthew tells us the story of them when they were struggling but a way was found to resolve the problem that they did not expect to see. Let’s set the scene Jesus had just

How do we know what is good for people?

One way we can know what is good for people is to sit back and think about what helped us in the same situation. Or if that is not possible to get advice from someone who has been in that situation. One thing that sticks in my memory about this is a scene from a

Christians and money

Ever thought how much we need others to help us obtain everything we need. After all how many of us can grow all our own food? Do we know how to keep sheep, separate the sheep from its fleece, then use that fleece to make cloth and then use that cloth to make comfortable clothes?

The reality of the Proverbs 31 woman

The Proverbs 31 woman is one of the most annoying characters in the Bible. She is that mythical creature that normal women measure themselves by and find themselves wanting. How does any normal, sane, sensible woman reach those standards? When you look at where the advice comes from you soon realise the problem. The Proverbs

The Good Samaritan – How did he do it?

There have been times when I have needed help because I had had a problem with the car. Twice I had had problems with a tyre and someone has stopped and changed it for me. There have been other times when it has not started and I have had to push it out of the

Who am I?

I sounds a strange question because of course I am me i.e. Susan. However it is a more profound question than that. We need an answer to give to people when we meet them. One of the first questions people ask when they meet us for the first time is what do you do? In