Crafty Business Club

The Crafty Business Club is the idea that God’s Lily had at about the time when Safe Haven was getting off the ground. The intention is to help people develop the skills required to run a business. It is crafty in the sense that it uses craft projects to help people learn those skills. The

Setting up Safe Haven – the book

Setting up Safe Haven is finally finished and up on Amazon. It is the story of how two ordinary women started an extraordinary project. One of the concepts that is dear to the heart of God’s Lily is the idea of prototypes. Safe Haven is a prototype. You can order it from Amazon here

Worship Tools

Back in 2003 I went to a conference and came back thoroughly frustrated. I realised that I had learnt a lot more about flags than many of the people there but I did not have the opportunity to share what I had learnt. When I came back it struck me that I knew how to make a website

Surviving a Household Emergency

This is an updated version of one of the first websites that I ever created. It is sort of on the backburner but it still contains valuable information for anyone looking to protect themselves in an uncertain world. You can check it out at Surviving a Household Emergency  I thought I would be able to use it

Setting up a prototype like Safe Haven

I have just been updating the website of a prototype called Safe Haven that my friend and I started last year. It is amazing to reflect just how far we have got in that time. One of the things the reasons for setting up prototypes is so that you can learn as you go. And we